A/C maintenance

Why is the 
maintenance of the air conditioner necessary?
cleaning of the air conditioner necessary?

During the peak season the air conditioner sucks in a lot of contaminated air. In the indoor unit there are different filters that are designed to eliminate these contaminants. In the outdoor unit, however, there is no filter so much of the absorbed contamination adheres to the dense lamellated heat-exchanging surface.

Maintenance consists of two parts

1. When maintaining the indoor unit we clean the filters and remove the contaminants from the surface of the densely-lamellated heat exchanger by using a special chemical. Removal of contaminants is important for two reasons: the first reason is the heat transfer as the contamination on the heat exchanger decreases the efficiency of the heat exchange, and the second reason is of medical nature since it is the hotbed for the formation of different bacterial colonies. When the appliance is in use, the fungus farms /colonies growing in a dusty and humid environment can be dangerous to the human body. In addition, they spread unpleasant odour in the air. To prevent this, newer appliances originally come with a self-cleaning (self-drying) function. This ensures that after use the internal structural units of the equipment remain dry thus preventing the formation of fungal colonies which definitely prefer moist environments.

2. The outdoor unit sucks a large amount of air (~15-30m3/min) through its heat exchanger. Thus, during a season, a huge amount of dust is deposited on it, which we remove by using high-pressure washing equipment. The contaminated heat exchanger blocks the heat release and decreases efficiency. . The appliance overheats and additional expenses are incurredduring operation. An appliance operated without proper maintenance for a long time may as well break definitively. In addition, during maintenance the electrical wiring of the appliance is checked with an instrument and the connecting nuts are reconnected. This is a good method to prevent the ozone-depleting refrigerant from getting into the atmosphere. Also, decreasing efficiency, or in severe cases, appliance failure can also be avoided.

Our company undertakes to properly maintain air conditioners. Maintenance should be carried out before and after the season so even at the start of the peak season you can rest assured that your air conditioner works properly. Also, you can avoid waiting for 2-3 weeks in the high season.

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