About us

Our company was established in 2014 as a sole undertaking. Initially, the undertaking was able to fulfill the enormous retail needs only with two employees. With our professional experience in the installation of air conditioners, and with our attentive and precise work we soon became well-known among professionals and clients alike. To satisfy the growing needs of our clients further technical improvements and investments were made. In 2018 our company became a limited liability company so busines-to-business sales could begin.

Our goal is to fully meet the demands of the clients and to keep continuous improvements in mind.

To provide security for our clients in the guarantee period and even beyond the duration of the standard guarantee is a frequently neglected question, which is regarded as one of the major factors. Based on the eternal truth that one job generates the next one we strongly believe that our product becomes unique only with work which is rich in details.

Since … a good work needs no publicity!

Why choose Hóember Klíma?

Why choose us since there is a large number of air-conditioning companies in the country.

Small ones and big ones alike.

That is exactly why!

We always do our best to be as precise as possible so that you can be fully satisfied with our work. We cannot afford to have a client who decides to engage another company to do the job because of not receiving the attention, politeness and perfect service that one could expect from such a service-providing company.

Our goal is to make you remember us at other times as well so that you can recommend us to others.

Our Services

A/C installation

A/C repairs

A/C maintenance

0-24 h server supervision

Thermographic analysis

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