Thermographic analysis

High heating bills? 
Bad thermal comfort? 
 Leaky underfloor heating? 

Decrease your heating bill by up to 40 percent. With targeted thermal insulation.

This is where a thermal imaging camera comes in handy.

Our clients will immediately get a picture of the state of their property and any areas in need of repair and modernization. We also make hidden things visible. We make an on-the-spot problem analysis and make an oral proposal to eliminate the existing deficiencies and/or irregularities. The thermal map inspection result including all the images and the evaluation will be sent to you electronically.

When to choose thermographic analysis?

  • Thermal imaging of properties before and after purchase
  • Thermal insulation deficiencies; thermal bridges on wallings
  • Identifying the causes of mold growth and moisture condensation
  • Examination of old and new windows and doors (faulty window frame-to-wall junction)
  • Assessment of the conditions of heating systems for potential deposits or leaks
  • Inspection of electrical and mechanical equipment.

Areas of use:

  • Thermographic visualization of cold bridges and insulation leaks of windows and doors,
  • Detection of other air sealing deficiencies,
  • Detection of moisture condensation, wall dampness and leaks,
  • Prevention of mold growth,
  • Visualization of hidden faults,
  • Visualization of fasteners used in prefabricated high-rise buildings,
  • Location of bridge elements, inspection of their size
  • Detection of leaks without destroying walls and floors (water supply and heating systems)

Our clients can get an instant picture of the state of their property, and the potential areas to be fixed or modernized. Invisible faults are also made visible.


Building thermography, Thermographic imaging


Building engineering applications

  • Non-destructive localization of various leaks,
  • Monitoring of water supply and heating systems (wall heating, underfloor heating and other pipe systems in walls)
  • Detection of siltations and cloggings in radiators.
  • Thermal imaging of switch-boxes
  • Thermography of overloaded and damaged wirings
  • Thermographic inspection of electromotors, converters and other electrical apparatus as requested by the client

The thermal imaging camera gives assistance to professionals in the long-term and safe operation of electrical equipment, and in the detection of electrical faults during repair work.


Making heat maps of electrical systems


Thermal imaging of machines and industrial equipment

In the case of mechanical component parts generation of heat may indicate excessive use which may be due to friction, incorrect setting, insignificant size problems or the lack of lubricants.

Thermal imaging under load:

  • Measuring the temperature of bearings
  • Overheating of machine parts
  • Satisfying individual needs

You are welcome to order our thermographic services for other areas of use.
There is no limit to the possibilities! (Medicine, industry, research)

How is the assessment made?

At your request our colleague will contact you and make an appointment to inspect the property in question. The building will be inspected both on the outside and the inside as well with a TESTO industrial thermographic camera, the big screen of which makes it possible for the client to get the necessary information about the state of the property even on the spot. The results are orally evaluated immediatelly so the questions raised there are answered straight away. I accordance with the client’s needs during the inspection the number of thermal images to be taken can be unlimited.
Following the survey the thermal camera images contained in a report complete with an evaluation are electronically sent in pdf format to the client for reference.
The evaluation report includes the circumstances of the survey, the technical faults and irregularities identified as a result of the inspection, and the potential solutions to these problems.

What is worth knowing about thermography:

Thermographic inspections can only be performed under appropriate weather conditions. Intense solar radiation adversely affects the measurement results so closed and cloudy skies provide ideal weather conditions. In other cases the periods before sunrise and after sunset are also excellent for performing professional assessments. In addition, precise measurement results are obtained only if there is a sufficient difference between external and internal temperatures. Clients are advised to heat up their otherwise unheated buildings as well as those with tempering heating at least one but rather two days prior to them being surveyed so the structures can become warm enough to show the real heat retention capacity of the building.

Prior to the inspection all windows and doors must be cleared. Curtains and blinds must be pulled so that the real insulation ability of the frame and glass surface can be measured.

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