A/C installation

from site survey 
to handover
  • FREE site survey after which our colleagues send the client a written quotation.
  • kapcsolatbanIn case our offer is accepted, an appointment is arranged.

  • Our colleagues and the ordered air conditioner arrive at the site exactly at the agreed time.
  • furatotSelect an unobstructed location on your interior wall to mount the indoor unit. Drill a hole that is 55 mm in diameter to fit the piping
  • Choose the best place to install the outdoor unit, install the bracket and mount the outdoor unit
  • Prepare the cable duct or the wall groove, assemble the air conditioning pipe network and the control cables
  • Pressure test with purified nitrogen
  • Vacuuming
  • Installation
  • lInstallers inform the client about the completion of the work
  • The clients are shown the outdoor and the indoor units during operation, informed about basic operating rules, and given user’s information.
  • After acceptance all the documents
    (user’s manual, guarantee voucher,invoice, etc.) are handed over.

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