Heating with an air conditioner

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Many of our clients have found it deterrent to heat with an air conditoner in the winter.

They thought that this was a terribly uneconomical method, and that the appliance will use too much electricity and it will cease to function in the freezing cold leaving people to discover that they are left in the unheated flat.However, the more they learnt about this technology and the possibilities it offers, the more their doubts were dispelled. It is not a coincidence that through the electricity companies the state offers great discounts for the purchase of air conditioners used for heating, which will be described in detail under heading ’H tariff’.

In 2019 it is not an individual case at all if someone uses an air conditioner for heating not only in the transitional period but all through the winter as well. In the category of high-quality air conditioners there is an increasing number of appliances being put on the market, which work reliably and efficiently at a temperature of – 20°C or even at -30°C so you do not have to be afraid of being left without heating even in very cold weather. Prolonged periods with temperatures of -15°C and below are not typical of Hungary, anyway.

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In case you are currently building a house or updating a heating system, do not even think of anything else but heating with an air conditioner.

The comfort of an air conditioner is just the same as or even better than that of a gas boiler, and its running expenses rival those of wood burning.

Why not use your air conditioner even in the winter and enjoy such advantages as air filtering and dehumidifying, or the comfort of the turbo boost or the optional wi-fi control? Not to mention the fact that there is one solution for both winter heating and summer cooling. In case of a newly constructed house there is no need to have a separate heating system designed and installed because you can solve the annual air conditioning of your home with one appliance. It is much cheaper than having to have a gas plan designed and a radiator heating installed. As a result, your expenses will be more favourable.

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